In 2013 the President announced a $2.4 billion initiative to connect 99% of America’s schools with internet and WiFi connectivity for schools and libraries within 5 years.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity Wi-Fi Connectivity Wi-Fi Connectivity
Wi-Fi Connectivity Wi-Fi Connectivity Wi-Fi Connectivity
99% of Schools

This year, the FCC issued the E-rate Modernization Order To expand funds for Wi-Fi in libraries, elementary and secondary schools, taking effect in 2015.

Money for Wi-Fi Money for Wi-Fi Money for Wi-Fi Money for Wi-Fi

E-Rate goal: 10 million students per year Connected to 21st Century educational tools.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity Wi-Fi Connectivity Wi-Fi Connectivity
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The E-Rate application process takes time and requires a detailed technology plan. Before you can select a service provider, you’ll need to identify and request the specific products and services you need. For more information click on a topic below.

  • Ultra-reliable, high-speed Internet
  • Wireless mobility
  • Secure, private network between district schools and buildings
  • Equipment and maintenance
  • Secure file backup & recovery
  • More affordable calling solutions
  • Expert advice and technology support

Ultra-reliable, high-speed Internet

Connect your school or library to more than just a High-Speed connection.

Frontier High-Speed Internet is a robust, scalable, network solution that provides dedicated Internet Access, Ethernet, Email capabilities and more. Use existing phone lines or add direct connections to our nationwide, high-speed backbone.

Wireless mobility

Internet access on the go–wherever you go on campus.

Give faculty, staff, administrators and students wireless Internet access for their laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Frontier’s Wi-Fi CampusNet delivers campus-wide voice, video and data.

Secure, private network between district schools and buildings

For the security you need, build your own private network.

Share sensitive information securely across campus or even within a district. Frontier can design a Virtual Private Network solution with the security and privacy of a private network–at a cost comparable to using a shared network infrastructure.

Equipment and maintenance

Be fully equipped for the challenges.

Frontier is your go-to provider of high quality voice, data and video equipment solutions—including the switches, routers and firewalls needed to build wireless networks. We also offer a wide range of maintenance programs to suit your needs and budget.

Secure file backup & recovery

Better safe than sorry, with secure backup and recovery.

Protect email, files and servers in the event of a disaster or accidental deletion with Frontier's [FIPS-compliant,] encrypted Backup & Recovery, featuring point-and-click restoration in seconds.

More affordable calling solutions

Maximize the value of your high-speed connection with quality calling services.

Ease the strain on your facility’s calling budget and improve services at the same time, with Frontier VoIP (Voice over Internet) service. Our scalable voice solutions offer Caller ID, Voicemail and other advanced features. We’ll customize a calling plan to suit your school or library’s specific needs.

Expert advice and technology support

Expert advice and local support from professionals who understand your needs.

Not every school or library has a dedicated IT professional on staff. Frontier provides customized installation, local technical support and 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week network monitoring. Our professionals are experts who understand your educational technology needs.